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Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu Western yang Unik di Pantasteiik

Menu Western yang Unik di Pantasteiik

Western cuisine hobbyist If yes, there are now new options for the culinary connoisseur westerns in Bogor. Pantasteiik presents a unique menu. Western trio pasta, pancakes, and steak a la western food into a special menu for each visitor.

Modern minimalist immediate impression upon entering the restaurant page on the outskirts of this residential street New Bogor. Bright colors, especially purple and orange, immediately greet anyone who visit.

Upon entering the restaurant, visitors can immediately occupy some seats that accommodate 120 people as you wish.

At the corner of the room, an ornate mirror glass arranged into poit of interest interesting interior. Color silver chandeliers and other extras add to the typical interior resto on this one. At the final touch, a long maroon couch into place a modern relaxed elegant.

The restaurant is dominated by purple and orange presents three types of menus adalan, ie pancakes, pasta, and steak.

According to Supervisor Pantasteiik, Bustam (43), the idea of creating a trio of western food as the main food because there is no restaurant serving these menus. Pancake, usually eaten as a dessert (dessert). But in fact become the main course Pantasteiik (main dish).

The reason is, there is a special menu consisting of three types of pancakes are filling. Special sweet pancakes pancakes consist of ice cream, pancakes combine peas with bacon, mozzarella cheese and pancakes.

"This menu is a trio of western food menu with a taste that has been modified by the tongue of Asia," he said.

Third dish into a pre-eminent restaurant menu. In addition to the main menu it adndalan menu that can be sampled as appetizers, soup, pizza, salads, quiche, lasagna, croissants, rice, noodle, and others. Visitors also like ice cream that sold home made, not the production of the factory and easily liquefied.

"In December we will launch 35 new menu, but still highlight the flavors of Asia," he said.

For the price of each manu, Pantasteiik offers ranging from Rp20-Rp95 thousand thousand. "Prices are more reasonable to see the facilities that can be enjoyed," said the father of two children.

If you are interested in visiting this restaurant can directly come to the street New Bogor Housing Block F5 / 9, Bogor. With opening hours Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 22:00 o'clock pm, while Saturday and Sunday starting at 8:00 to 23:00 pm.


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